Deity Yoga of Kashmiri Tantra – The Lineage Series



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Recorded Live in Ojai, California in October 2015.
50 min downloadable mp3

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In this audio lecture Michaela lifts the lid for the first time on the esoteric practice of Tantric Deity Yoga; laying out it’s principles, practice, and efficacy in terms of spiritual realization, and it’s crucial application in sexual yoga.

Michaela describes and compares how this practice appears in various traditions, including Vajrayana Buddhist and Hindu Tantra, as well as presenting the practice as it appears in her own tradition of Kashmir Shaivism.

This is a rare opportunity to learn the practical foundations of the linchpin practice of Tantra, including it’s sexual applications and implications, from a classically trained lineage holder of the Kashmiri Tantric tradition.

This audio lecture is from Michaela Boehm’s current 6-month Advanced Study Group in Ojai, California. Michaela’s 2016 European 9-Month Study Group is now taking registration: click here for application information.