Ecstatic Attraction:
An Evening Exploration

April 28, 2017
Melbourne, Australia

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Ecstatic Attraction:
An Evening Exploration

April 28, 2017
Melbourne, Australia



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This evening is a preparation for “Lineage and Liberation” and can be taken by itself or in conjunction with our other events. Please check drop down menu above for pricing.

Friday, April 28, 2017

6pm-10pm, doors open at 5:45pm
Please register early, we aim to ensure gender balance. For singles and couples.

1/177 Beavers Rd, Northcote VIC 3070, Australia

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The play of the masculine and feminine in erotic friction, springing from a radical intimacy with life itself, is a challenging and delightful realm of inquiry. In this evening we will introduce you to some of the lesser known tantric principles, exploring ecstatic connection, while relaxing body and heart.

  • Learn about the principles of creating and deepening erotic passion and intimacy
  • Explore new ways of bringing depth to your mind, body and relationship.
  • Explore radical intimacy with self, other, and the raw richness of life in all forms.
  • Go beyond tired dogma around male, female, masculine, and feminine and gain real education and learning that actually works.

For questions, email us.

This evening practice welcomes both men and women, singles and couples. We attempt to ensure equal numbers of men and women in the workshops for cohesive practice forms. You will be relating with many individuals of the opposite gender for the sake of practice. There is no nudity, nor explicit sexual touching in the workshops. We are dedicated to the highest degree of safety, clarity, and integrity for all workshop participants.

Michaela Boehm is a lineage holder in Kashmiri Shaivism Tantra having received a classical tantric education from a young age. In addition to over twenty years of extensive academic and clinical background in psychology and counseling, Michaela also traveled and taught with David Deida for 13 years. She has developed a women’s curriculum for feminine embodiment as well as teaching couples and men about the principles of intimacy and polarity.

Steve James has worked for over ten years with private clients by referral only, both in 1-1 contexts and in closed-door intensives for small groups. He has an extensive background of deep explorations in various embodiment practices (including martial arts, yoga, and qigong), meditation, contemplative and mystic traditions, music, survival, interpersonal and business strategy, and a comprehensive sexual yoga expertise. Steve’s clients range from pioneering entrepreneur CEO’s and multi-billion dollar fund managers to Grammy-winning rockstars and Oscar-winning actors.

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