Heart of Love, Body of Light: The Wild Woman’s Way
April 24-26, 2015
Ojai, California

Heart of Love, Body of Light: The Wild Woman’s Way
April 24-26, 2015
Ojai, California



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This Women’s Intensive is an inquiry into who you are as a woman. The Wild Woman stands as an archetype of being connected with our “wildish” nature, the part of us that connects to the earth, feels the movement of tides and stars, the part of each woman that intuitively knows.

This part is unique in each of us, no two women feel it alike. Yet, we all yearn to be more, move more, feel more, wider, fuller, louder, more passionate….and this weekend is a chance to discover how your Wild Woman expresses.

This weekend of women’s embodiment practice is a deep dive into Michaela’s body of work” The Wild Woman’s Way”, centered around reconnecting and embodying all we already know and exploring and expressing the as yet unknown.

Through exercises, movement, dance, consideration and art you will discover how you express as a woman and experience a deepening of your relationship to yourself and those around you.

You will explore how to:

  • Open to a deeper and wider receiving of love and relationship.
  • Discover your way of practicing heart and body openness and the discipline of bliss.
  • Feel how love moves through your body.
  • Find how your unique gifts express themselves.
  • Experience that which you yearn for and discover how it can be expressed more fully.
  • Cultivate more pleasure and openness, feeling your body as a vehicle for ecstatic dissolution.
  • Uncover where you hold back and limit yourself and how to use movement to break through old closures.
  • Transform scarcity and need into independence and from there into the oneness of devotional love.
  • Relax your whole being from the core and discover how movement  and pleasure unfolds from there.

For all questions please email workshops@michaelaboehm.com or call 310-498-9224.


Michaela Boehm is a lineage holder in Kashmiri Shaivism Tantra having received a classical tantric education from a young age. In addition to over twenty years of extensive academic and clinical background in psychology and counseling, Michaela also traveled and taught with David Deida for 13 years. She has developed a women’s curriculum for feminine embodiment as well as teaching couples and men about the principles of intimacy and polarity.


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April 24-26, 2015
Ojai, California”