Radical Intimacy & The Play of the Erotic: A 5-Day Immersion
April 12-16, 2017
Ojai, California

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Radical Intimacy & The Play of the Erotic: A 5-Day Immersion
April 12-16, 2017
Ojai, California



Product Description

10am-9pm Wednesday through Saturday
10am-5pm Sunday

Ojai, Califonia

In this new 5-Day Immersion we will the dive into a unique exploration of radical intimacy, the play of erotic tension, the Tantric practices of sexual yoga, and never before taught material.

This in-depth and notoriously challenging immersion experience will provide a context for far-reaching exploration whether you are single, starting an intimate relationship, want to deepen passion with your partner, or are interested in exploring these principles for their spiritual application.

The play of the masculine and feminine in erotic friction, springing from a radical intimacy with life itself, is a challenging and delightful realm of inquiry. We will explore the deep principles of embodiment, uncover and work with personal blocks to expansion and contraction, engage in practical exercises, dialogue, and learning to widen both heart space and the ability to embody as energy or thrust.

Once the body and heart are sufficiently relaxed we will explore yogic sexuality, subtle body and energetic movement, and the artistic offering of one’s gifts.

In this experiential and highly-practical 5-Day Immersion you will be shown the building blocks, practices, and disciplines of creating deeper openings into your life. Using cutting edge exercises & practices, we will be inviting not just understanding of these principles, but true embodiment of them.

  • Learn about the principles of creating and deepening erotic passion and intimacy
  • Explore new ways of bringing depth and excitement into your love making
  • Define the kind of relationship and intimacy you are longing for and learn how to create it
  • Explore radical intimacy with self, other, and the raw richness of life in all forms.
  • Go beyond tired dogma around male, female, masculine, and feminine and gain real education and learning that actually works
  • Discover, define, and work with your contractions around sex, love, surrender, and thrust
  • Find your deepest gifts and learn how to give them in powerful new ways
  • Practice giving a variety of textures and flavors of loving, from sublime light to ravishing dark

We are opening this event to a very limited number of participants, so please reserve your place soon. This event is strictly gender balanced and requires an application in order to ensure a cohesive group for practice.

This Intensive welcomes both men and women, singles and couples. We ensure equal numbers of men and women in the workshops for cohesive practice forms. You will be relating with many individuals of the opposite gender for the sake of practice. There is no nudity, nor explicit sexual touching in the workshops. We are dedicated to the highest degree of safety, clarity, and integrity for all workshop participants. An application form to prepare you for the experience will be sent to you after registration.

For questions, please email workshops@michaelaboehm.com

Michaela Boehm
is a lineage holder in Kashmiri Shaivism Tantra having received a classical tantric education from a young age. In addition to over twenty years of extensive academic and clinical background in psychology and counseling, Michaela also traveled and taught with David Deida for 13 years. She has developed a women’s curriculum for feminine embodiment as well as teaching couples and men about the principles of intimacy and polarity.


What people have to say about 5-Day Immersions:

This week has been so profound because I feel so ridiculously aligned and connected to Michaela and her work, more than anything I’ve ever experienced in regards to the tantra/intimacy realms. Their container is exactly the kind of exploration I was looking for.

I have been given the opportunity to face and explore my edges in the areas of intimacy, embodiment, sexuality, sensitivity & connection and really really feel like a student.

I can say now she is the real deal and I feel so absolutely grateful to have found myself in their container and under their guidance and wisdom for the past week. I’m going to beg them to come back so I can spread the word and experience more!

THANK YOU for your gifts! You have provided the kind of container and facilitation that is five star. ~ V.

Easily one of the most profound trainings I’ve ever done…the quality and depth of awareness and feeback in this training is unbelievable.  ~ D.

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