Esalen Weekend Workshop:
The Yoga of Deep Intimacy

October 27-29, 2017
Esalen, Big Sur, CA

Product Description

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Whether you are starting an intimate relationship or want to deepen passion with your partner, the principles of Intimacy and Polarity — the spark that keeps passion alive — are always available to deepen your experience. The process of cultivating masculine purpose and feminine love-light is the basis of passionate relating and deeper intimacy.

In this experiential course you will be shown the building blocks, practices, and disciplines of creating deeper connections in your life. During this weekend together you can:

  • Learn about the principles of creating and deepening passion and intimacy
  • Understand the difference in offerings of the feminine and masculine, and the distinct gifts they bring to intimacy
  • Discover how to bring your partner into his or her essence and induce the play of polarity even after a day at work
  • Explore new ways of bringing depth and excitement into your loving
  • Bring home skills and tools for intimate connection

Note: This weekend workshop is open to singles and couples of any sexual orientation. Participants should be prepared for extensive experiential practice. Sex and nudity are not involved.


Michaela Boehm is a lineage holder in Kashmiri Shaivism Tantra having received a classical tantric education from a young age. In addition to over twenty years of extensive academic and clinical background in psychology and counseling, Michaela also traveled and taught with David Deida for 13 years. She has developed a women’s curriculum for feminine embodiment as well as teaching couples and men about the principles of intimacy and polarity.