The Yoga of Intimacy: Fundamentals 1 & 2

The Yoga of Intimacy: Fundamentals 1 & 2



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Recorded Live in London, November 2014.
1.5 hours downloadable mp3

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The Yoga of Intimacy: Fundamentals 1 & 2
by Michaela Boehm

This 2 part recording contains highlights from two special evening events covering the oft-misunderstood foundations of yogic sexuality and pleasure. This is the first time Michaela has presented this information in a structured lecture series and this recording gives a cohesive overview of pleasure practice and the foundations of intimacy.

This audio is primarily a lecture with a few select answers to practice questions from the audience.

Part 1:

– Discover the always present pleasure in your body
– Examine the habitual closures towards deep feeling
– Learn about the  foundations of pleasure
– Identify the triggers and trauma patterns
– Sensitizing the body and learning how to live with that sensitivity

Part 2:

– Choosing open and closing
– Learning the distinctions of embodiment — Opening into Love and relaxing into what is
The 4 important building blocks of Sexual Intimacy
– Presence
– Heart Connection
– Polarity
– The full spectrum of energies as a gift