Twice-Monthly Women’s Group
Santa Monica, California
Next Date: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at 7pm


2013 Dates:

Wednesday Women’s Group led by Michaela
Time: 7pm-9:30pm
Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Saturday Practice Sessions led by Londin, Rana and Siena
Time: 11am-1:30pm
*** Will Resume in August

For location click here: Santa Monica, CA

Tuition: $30


“Women, how do you show your essence? Shine light through your breasts, open your vagina like you’re receiving God inside you, radiate love to the whole room, feel every cell filled with pleasure, open and give your heart.”
- From “The Yoga of Deep Passion,” a talk by David Deida

We may succeed with the the best of them at work, but most women yearn for a deep masculine presence to cut through our barriers and open us to the profound bliss of unbridled love.

Attracting a true masculine into our lives creates a rich love exchange that no amount of success can rival.

The problem is, when we’re the ones wearing the masculine suit, it’s tough to find him anywhere.
Even if we’re in a relationship, the dynamics at hand weaken the exchange and we end up feeling barren and numb.

However, when we as women take the time to cultivate our deepest essence, suddenly the world shows up newly and we find ourselves floating in a sea of continual bliss.

The intention of the twice-a-month gathering of the Santa Monica Women’s Group is to help us all reawaken and cultivate these places that live inside us, but are often forgotten.
We are offering a chance for women to come together and feed the best parts of themselves… the parts that naturally attract what we need in our lives.

There is no right or wrong way to express this essence. We are not glorifying the light ‘goddess’ nor demonizing the angry bitch. Quite the contrary, we are exploring and unleashing ALL of our flavors and textures and sending each other home that much more full and alive.

We are dedicated to ancient devotional practices as well as modern exercises and open sharing to help us connect to our deepest feminine essence.

If each of us goes back to our daily lives awakened, enlivened and more able to cultivate a rich love exchange, we are on track.
This our intention.

Our Santa Monica Women’s Groups are an ongoing invitation to play, expand and practice in your feminine. Regardless of you are new to the practice or have been immersed in Women’s culture for a while, each session is a renewed invitation to relax into who you are as a woman and to find ever new ways to express your gifts.

These groups are facilitated by Michaela with support from Siena, Rana and Londin.  Michaela is providing the framework and guidance, while the ladies add their personal flavor and practices to the group. Each of them has been apprenticing with Michaela for several years and they bring their own expression and intention.

Here are a few words of introduction from each of them.


Siena DiFrancesco

I have always had a fascination with human behavior especially in the realm of sexuality.  Starting at age 17 I attended psychology and sociology classes with an emphasis on human sexuality but never felt reading case studies was truly informative.  In the late 90’s with the advent of an adult sexual playground, now known as the internet, I took on a more “hand-on” approached to my studies.  After a few years of dissecting the world of alternative adult sexual lifestyles from the inside-out I felt there was still missing pieces.  Then in 2003 I found myself sitting in the Bodhi Tree bookstore listening to a man name David Deida and a whole new adventure began.

Along the way I studied Tantra from some inspiring teachers, Margo Anand, Barnaby Barratt, Daniel Odier, Lisa Citore, and Rundy Duphiney, among others.  I also spent a summer achieving my certification in Sexological Bodywork through The Institute for Advance Studies of Human Sexuality with Joseph Kramer.

But my greatest teacher has been Michaela Boehm whom I met in the spring of 2008 at a David Deida weekend in Tiburon.  The clarity and laser sharp insights Michaela has gifted to me over the past 4 years has truly transformed my life and made me understand the incredible value of the feminine arts. I am honored to be one of her apprentices in her first advance women’s group and to share with you my experiences and gifts in these teachings.


Rana Wilson

I am devoted to living as an artful offering in every moment and inspired to help women do the same.

In 2008 I met Michaela at a David Deida Weekend where she taught morning practices to women. I instantly fell in love with this work and what Michaela had to offer. I have attended all workshops that Michaela has offered from women’s work to co-ed practices. I also attended many Deida intensives and spent a year studying with Sofia Diaz.

Before discovering this work I spent ten years on the yoga mat and on the meditation cushion under the direction of my Vajrayana Buddhist teacher Lama Ole. After developing in this arena I knew there was something more, the embodiment of the luscious feminine.

I am also a successful business woman and spent years approaching what I do with a constricted masculine force that crunched and contorted my body and heart. I now delight in finding softer and more artful ways to approach my career while continuing to be successful. I am immensely grateful to be able to offer a part of this luscious work.



Londin Winters

I spent the first half of my life excelling like mad in my career.On the day I accepted an Emmy for my work, conceivably a great moment, I actually felt deeply unhappy. The grind had drained me to the point of limp exhaustion.

I set out to find the cure for my emptiness, spending the next 10 years doing personal growth work.It wasn’t until I met Michaela Boehm and David David that the missing piece was put into place. Practicing this work has brought more fulfillment than I thought I could know on this earth.

My wish as a teacher is to give away the gift I was given and help other women reawaken the parts of themselves that make life truly worth living.


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