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April 24-28, 2024


April 24 | 10am to 5pm
April 25 | 10am to 5pm
April 26 | 10am to 5pm
April 27 | 10am to 5pm *and* 7pm to 10pm
April 28 | 10am to 5pm


Second Story Studios
222A Johnston St
Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia





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Introducing our Intimacy and Attraction Workshop® In-Person Teacher and Practitioner Training!

In this training, you will learn how to lead your own Intimacy and Attraction Workshop® so you can bring this timely work of intimacy and connection to your community.

The Intimacy and Attraction Workshop® is a potent set of techniques and exercises for inviting presence, connecting through the heart, and exploring the play of erotic aliveness.

This training provides you with the turn-key blueprint for a full The Intimacy and Attraction Workshop®, including training on how to create a safe container for deep practice.

Learning this potent set of tools will enable you to accurately, cleanly, and powerfully explore the realms of polarity and heart connection in your own life and with others. This material serves as a means to radically deepen your personal understanding of your own journey, as well as furnish you with the tools to guide others.

The training is designed to offer you an immersive experience in which you will receive live instruction from Michaela and Steve, immersive class experiences, in-depth lectures, teaching scripts, and more.

While this program is designed as a teacher training, many participants have taken it as a means to deepen their own personal practice and gain deeper experiential understanding of Michaela’s body of work.

Michaela and Steve have developed The Intimacy and Attraction Workshop® during the past decade of teaching internationally and have created brand new methods and updated techniques. This is the first training with the updated practices and materials. You will learn innovative ways to induce deep connection, relaxed heart opening, and fresh access to creating strong erotic tension regardless of sexual orientation or preference.

Is this you?

  • Motivated by a drive and yearning to deepen your own practice as well as teach others.
  • Oriented towards embodiment and connection to your true bodily wisdom in all its forms.
  • Passionate about heart-filled sexual polarity across the full spectrum of light and dark.
  • Determined to not only truly understand these realms for yourself, but to guide others into deeper experiences.
  • Serious about creating a safe environment and tight container that is conducive to personal exploration and deep practice.
  • Looking for quality, in-depth instruction from established, successful teachers with decades of experience at the top of their industry.
  • Ready to learn practical exercises and techniques that will give you a turn-key class format for your own events.

Included in this training

Live Lectures with Michaela and Steve

Receive in-depth understanding of the theories and ideas behind the exercises that foster intimacy, heart connection, and erotic aliveness, trauma informed facilitation, practical teaching instruction from scripts to proper containment and more.

3 Layers of Intimacy Practices

Experience and teach 3 distinct layers of intimacy practice exercises from establishing initial human connection to playful exploration of polarity in action.

Intimacy Practice

Learn to train and increase available attention and awareness in powerful partnered exercises.

Q&A Sessions

Have your questions answered by Michaela and Steve in Q&A sessions throughout the training.

Opening the Heart

Learn how to connect heart-to-heart with another and to sense and modulate the opening and closing of intimate connection.

Erotic Friction

Learn how to guide others to explore principles of erotic connection in safe, clothes-on exercises.

Turn-Key Scripts

Receive detailed teaching scripts and turn-key class formats.

Bonus Materials

Receive playlists, bonus online lecture content, and other online resources PLUS 50% off all events for a year!

Online Teacher Portal

As part of certification in this training you will have access to an online portal with class materials and resources.

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