NEW! The Wild Woman’s Way®: A 4-Day Intensive – USA 2019


November 7-10, 2019

Thursday 10:00AM – 5:00PM
Friday 10:00AM – 5:00PM
Saturday 10:00AM – 9:00PM
Sunday 10:00AM – 5:00PM


Ojai, California (exact address given after registration)





Come join us for a 4-day of celebration, exploration and deep immersion into embodied women’s practice!

This Women’s Intensive is focused on Michaela’s body of work “The Wild Woman’s Way®” and centers around reconnecting and embodying who we already are, as well as exploring and expressing the unknown parts of us.

The Wild Woman is a part of each of us. She is not the crazed and uncivilized creature she is sometimes made out to be, but the part of us that is deeply and inextricably connected to natural life. She is connected to all things in nature, including her own body, whom she cares for and utilizes as an instrument of perception. She represents the part of each woman that comes from nature and is part of nature.

Each of us has that native, embodied wisdom—a wild, untamed, undomesticated body-mind and heart that know what is true for us. This looks and feels different for each woman, and no two are ever alike.

We often yearn to be more, move more, feel more, wider, fuller, louder, more passionate…. and this weekend is a chance to discover how to embody your unique expression.

Through exercises, movement, dance and connection you will discover how you want to express and experience a deepening of your relationship to yourself and those around you.

There will also be time for both personal and practice questions. Bring a journal and come comfortably dressed.

Lunch will be provided each day, and a light dinner with also be provided on Saturday. Accommodations are not included, but we’d be happy to send you our recommendations for the area, email us at for more info.

Join Michaela for an experiential exploration of practices drawn from her lineage as well as decades of personal practice and women’s work.

  • Discover what holds you back from giving your gifts fully and discover what your unique gifts are.
  • Connect with yourself and learn to listen to your body’s genius.
  • Experience full sensations and learn how to stay embodied throughout.
  • Create and practice an offering that increases your capacity to feel, give, and receive.
  • Learn to move pleasure, sensuality, and deep devotion.
  • Find your individual form of sacred movement, devotional practice, and dance.
  • Explore a variety of archetypes as a way to broaden your natural expression.
  • Transform scarcity and need into independence and from there into the oneness of devotional love.
  • Relax your whole being from the core and discover how movement and pleasure unfolds from there.
  • Adorn yourself and others, play, dance, create, and commune with other women celebrating life’s fullness.

For a detail description of the Wild Woman’s Way® approach, click here.


Deep learning experience

The Wild Woman’s Way was a very deep learning experience. I unlocked a lot in my body through the five days and thoroughly enjoyed Michaela’s wisdom, candid nature and laughter.

Jade F., Australia

This is world-class teaching

I’ve never done any work in women only groups before. I’ve had resistance to it, activating fears of old-story feminism and anti-masculine energies. In stark contrast to any expectations I came in with the Wild Woman’s workshop was by far the most intense, powerful and yet integrated experience I’ve put myself through. We were hand-held through integrating rapid and personalized transformation in every cell of our bodies. I came in a confident and open women and left more loving, more erotic and more connected than I’ve ever managed to sustain as a state of being-ness and it’s held subsequently. The work has been anchored into my very essence. This is world-class teaching and I feel blessed and grateful to Michaela bringing it into the world in the way she does. I feel a renewed and deeply supported intention to deep soul embodiment.

Emma, UK

The Wild Women’s Way workshop

As a tasting into the teachings of Michaela, the Wild Women’s Way workshop is the perfect starter. Not quite enough to satisfy the hunger but enough to begin the process.

Kat, South Africa

About Michaela

Michaela Boehm teaches and counsels internationally as an expert in intimacy and sexuality. Born and raised in Austria, Michaela combines her training in psychology and extensive clinical counseling experience with her in-depth training in the yogic arts as a classical Kashmiri Tantric lineage holder. Michaela’s approach empowers her students through an eclectic mix of education, experiential exercises and guided explorations. Known for her work with high-performing individuals, her ongoing private clients include Oscar-winning actors, producers, business pioneers, and multiple Grammy-winning musicians. Michaela is the Author of “The Wild Woman’s Way”, published by Simon & Schuster/Atria in August 2018. She lives on an organic farm in California where she rescues and rehabilitates animals.

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