Venus Bay Special Retreat – Australia 2021


May 2021

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Private Residence
Venus Bay, Australia





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Join us for this unique immersion retreat hosted at a large private residence in Venus Bay. This event is open to a small number of attendees by application and does not follow the usual format of our events. Each year this retreat is created from our newest material, with each participant being able to explore their individual expression of deeper embodiment, fuller aliveness and ever more refined pleasure. This year there will be special emphasis on strengthening the capacity of the body to receive as well as give fully.

This retreat is designed specific to our location, using the natural world around us as a means to deepen your connection to your pleasure body. We will immerse into the subtle body practices of perception and give you the opportunity to deepen and expand your capacity for aliveness, pleasure and greater bodily power. From what arises through your body, you can offer powerfully to relationship, creativity, community and yourself.

Utilizing the privacy and location of the space, we will enter into a multilayered exploration of somatic, relational and shamanic tools as they relate to the awakening and expression of life force, pleasure and creativity in our bodies.

From there, you will explore how to use the aliveness of your body in relationship, both in the intimate play of partners and in your chosen creative expression. We will engage in experiential practices of subtle body communication, deep connection and how to commune with another through full-bodied expression, from the sublime subtle to the dark erotic.

Using the phases of day and night, the rhythms of nature, engagement with the elements and communal explorations, we will engage in a multitude of celebrations, challenges and practices that deepen your relationship with yourself and the natural world as it arises around and through you.

Each day you will be involved in opportunities for individual assignments and explorations, group processes and somatic work. Each of the 3 evenings and nights are dedicated to a specific theme that explores your capacities, your gifts and offers personalized assignments to support your unique themes and considerations.

You have the option to receive personalized all night practices as well as personalized time in nature and engagement with your pleasure body. We will enter into ritual, art, considerations and celebrations during our time together.

Due to the nature of the material and the special location, this retreat is by application and open to a very limited number of participants. Accommodations are not included, there are several Airbnb’s that can be rented and/or shared in walking distance. Our communal meals are prepared by a private chef and are optional, please see drop down menu for options.(NOTE: If you are entitled to a 50% discount via your study group participation, discount will apply to retreat *only* at check out – food is not discounted.) Details, locations and logistics are provided upon application. Applications are reviewed in the order received.





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Michaela and Steve are gifted teachers

Michaela and Steve are gifted teachers-solid, grounded, endlessly knowledgeable and incredibly committed to the work and to their students. I had sought out this training primarily because I was interested in expanding my skills as a healing practitioner, but what I received as the result was so much more. The training was infused with depth, quality and soul.

Yulia, New Mexico

They offer essential and valuable life tools

They are professional and their knowledge and experience is like none other. I feel more alive after each of their events, more in my body, more ready for the world. The epiphanies I have had during their workshops have rippled into, brought more awareness to, and improved all areas of my life. To me they offer essential and valuable life tools, practices and wisdom in their events.

Zaira, Amsterdam

Both facilitators have extensive practice

I really appreciate that both facilitators have extensive practice, skill and experience merging the science of eastern and western philosophies. I also appreciate that Michaela is a living embodiment of her work and yet is also a business woman and wife. This adds a great degree of credibility to her as a teacher. Thank you for a wonderful weekend.

Sonja, Australia

Artful in her instruction, sensitive with feeling

Michaela Is awesome! A great teacher of woman’s practice, taking us to new places in our bodies and hearts.  She is artful in her instruction, sensitive with feeling into her students and discerning and intelligent with her responses. She is a master of her time, passing along ancient teaching with heart and wisdom.

Andrea, California

Deep, subtle yet powerful work

Deep, subtle yet powerful work to help you explore a deeper connection to others and realize the power we have within us to generate juicy, luscious electric sexual chemistry. It doesn’t have to be created by an external trigger…this magic lies within each of us.

Jag, Australia

About Michaela

Michaela Boehm teaches and counsels internationally as an expert in intimacy and sexuality. Born and raised in Austria, Michaela combines her training in psychology and extensive clinical counseling experience with her in-depth training in the yogic arts as a classical Kashmiri Tantric lineage holder. Michaela’s approach empowers her students through an eclectic mix of education, experiential exercises and guided explorations. Known for her work with high-performing individuals, her ongoing private clients include Oscar-winning actors, producers, business pioneers, and multiple Grammy-winning musicians. Michaela is the Author of “The Wild Woman’s Way”, published by Simon & Schuster/Atria in August 2018. She lives on an organic farm in California where she rescues and rehabilitates animals.

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About Steve

Steve James travels internationally teaching somatic practices, meditation, yoga, as well as leading explorations in contemplative, mystic, and relational realms.Known for his intelligent, grounded approach and his dedication to first-hand research he has extensive experience in elite athletic performance, contemplative and spiritual disciplines, the arts, extreme outdoor survival, and human behavior.In addition to private client work and international public workshops, Steve has released a DVD series of his movement approach called the Movement Koan® Method, a fusion of joint-nourishing movement and body-based mindfulness.

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