Women's Teacher Training
Amsterdam Logistics 2017

Event Overview

November 28 – December 2

Mirror Centre
Ter Gouwstraat 3
1093 JX Amsterdam, Netherlands

10am to 10pm

Accommodations and meals are not included. There will be breaks for meals, feel free to bring snacks and beverages with you. We will provide tea on every break and can help direct you to cafes in the area.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing which allow you to sit and move with ease. Please refrain from wearing perfume or aftershave.


Women’s Teacher Training Reading List 

Go to: http://www.michaelaboehm.com/womens-teacher-training-reading-list/

In addition to the in-person session, you will be assigned practices and reading requirements for home study. Depending on what tracks you are enrolled in, plan for about 30 minutes per day if you want to be very diligent with your practice.


Accommodations Suggestions:

Connect for Ride/Room Sharing here.

Amsterdam is quite small with excellent public transport. Here are some recommendations for your stay:

Hotel Fita


Our preferred option. There are many options nearby. If you would like share accommodations, please let us know and we will put you on a “Airbnb-share” list.

For the most cost effective solution, try one of Amsterdam’s many hostels, we suggest Flying Pig Hostels.


Cancellation Policy

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