Almost 30 – The Wild Woman: Practical Tantra + A Pleasure-filled Life

The Almost 30 Podcast hosted Michaela for an interview centered around relationships and intimacy. Listen to the full interview here:

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From Almost 30:

Today we get real and raw with Michaela Boehm, intimacy and sexuality expert, and internationally recognized teacher. Michaela is also the author of The Wild Woman’s Way, a tantric book on how to unlock your potential for a pleasure-filled life. We haven’t talked about relationships and sexuality in a while, so we’re excited to dive in with you. Michaela shares with us how she developed a comfort around the topics of love and intimacy (beyond being European). We talk about why opposites really do attract, and what kills sex in relationships and some tips on how to fix it. Michaela also helps us understand how to separate who we are from the conditioning we received in our youth, as well as an exercise to help determine what kind of person we want to be with. We can never go too deep when talking about relationships and intimacy.

We also talk about…

-How changing her location has affected her nervous system + energy

-The ways her parents shaped her view on relationships

-Today’s dating scene

-Why pleasure is important + how available it is

-How to engage your partner to be more interested in relationship topics

-Michaela’s new book

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