Learn The Wild Woman’s Way – MeetMindful interviews Michaela

Go here to see the full Q&A with Michaela.


From MeetMindful’s founder, Amy Baglan:

We’re thrilled to welcome Michaela Boehm as a guest contributor at MeetMindful!

I first met Michaela when I joined her Women’s Study Group. I arrived with the intention of establishing a deeper embodiment practice and unleashing my feminine genius, or what she called the “Wild Woman’s Way,” and my experience has been life-changing. She has a no-frills approach to practice, embodiment, and healing–truly one of the most powerful teachers I’ve ever studied with.

Over these past nine months, I’ve experienced a profound transformation, one I can only describe as a deeper, more open, and confident presence in any and all situations. I’m more attuned than ever before, able to experience states of pleasure and heart connection that once seemed impossible.

It is my honor to introduce Michaela to the MeetMindful community with this brief Q&A. If her work calls to you, it is my sincere hope that you are able to explore and dive deeper.


Go here to see the full Q&A with Michaela.

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