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Our Men’s events and offerings do not follow the usual trajectory of Men’s Work.

Steve’s approach is pragmatic, enthusiastic, and rigorous. He brings his life-long dedication and exploration of practice, meditation, martial arts, extreme survival, and movement, as well as over ten years experience of working with men in the areas of relationship and high performance.

Michaela brings her many years of counseling and teaching experience and lends a woman’s perspective on relationships and women. Recently she started bringing the elemental and deity yoga aspects of her lineage into the men’s work as a means to give an insight into to the devotional erotic engagement of the Tantric relationship.

The approach to the practices and skill development in our men’s work comes from the viewpoint of “Inquiry over Imposition”, which honours the mystery of the learning process and empowers each man to stand on his own two feet as a practitioner.

Each event offers opportunities to experience a wide array of practices, from innovative movement approaches to clear meditation instruction, and across a wide range of topics such as accessing the body’s subtle sensory arrays to the fundamentals of sexual yoga.

You will explore pathways that not only reveal and clarify the nature of your interior structures, but also equip you to practically apply these learnings in your life, work, and relationships.

Our approach to Men’s work runs counter-current to the prevailing fads of:

  • Masochistic edge-pushing and endless self-improvement.
  • Adopting pseudo-spiritual ideas about ‘masculine’ behaviors and traits as a substitute for genuine understanding.
  • Leveraging and therefore compounding feelings of unworthiness and separateness for temporary emotional highs.
  • The tranquillizing use of idealism to anesthetize personal exploration.
  • The worker-bee mirage of finding your purpose to feel fulfilled.
  • Outmoded accountability structures that disempower healthy individuals.
  • Theatrical initiation rituals.


Instead we engage in empowered learning via the following methods:

Embodied Movement
Steve’s Movement Koan® Method is a fusion of joint-nourishing movement and body-based mindfulness. Originally developed for maintaining and opening the body in long-term meditation retreat, it has deep applications for somatic education, muscular efficiency, injury rehabilitation, neuroplasticity, and self-inquiry.

  • Learn how to go beyond rules and conceptual ideals and connect with your own body’s intelligence to navigate yourself in the world and relationship.
  • Explore how to feel, read, and communicate with others via the body.
  • Develop fluency in the mechanisms of tension and relaxation, and access and decode the body’s wisdom, diagnostics, and subtle sensory arrays.
  • Understand how the body opens and increase mobility and ability in an effective manner that minimizes potential injury.

Drawing from various traditions and sourced in living experience, we meditate as a means to engage with life. In developing the core attentional skills of concentration, sensory clarity, and equanimity we can reduce suffering, increase satisfaction, gain insight into self and other, become more skillful in the world, and uncover a spirit of genuine service. You will learn a variety of techniques, as well as an understanding of how and when to use them.

Engaging with Sensations
Through engaging bodily practices, meditation, and nature we explore relationships to the full spectrum of sensations from the pleasurable to the unpleasant. This engagement can be applied to situations of stress, survival, emotional turmoil, and also has strong performance and relational implications.

Engaging with discipline
You will be supported to develop a personal practice of your own and a broad understanding with which you can self-guide or work within various traditions, approaches, and practice modalities. The same principles do apply to high performance and career.

Engagement and Relationship
You have the option to learn the foundational requirements for relational yoga and its energetic underpinnings. In our study groups and Immersions you can receive specific homework assignments pertaining to this inquiry, which will support the body and train the nervous system.


Distinct, unparalleled, and revolutionary

Steve’s program is absolutely distinct, unparalleled, and revolutionary. His understanding of embodied expression and non-linear thinking and movement has transformed my life. Innovation in this field is exceedingly rare. Steve and his essential contribution to the training continues to reset the paradigm of the human evolutionary process.

James, California

Steve is really unique

Steve is really unique in his extremely grounded educational style and his depth of experience, his ability to integrate the teachings bodily and intellectually and this without loosing connection to real people and our life…Meeting Steve James, following his work and attending all of his teachings in Amsterdam since our first meeting has been pivotal in both my own spiritual and personal development.

Dennis, Denmark

His teachings are unique, innovative and refreshing

In 2012 I was diagnosed with reactive anxiety and was advised by my doctor to try different mind-body therapies to manage the work related stress. I tried Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness meditation and many different types of yoga but none of them worked for me.

When I started working with Steve and applying his high performance and body awareness techniques, my mind became much clearer, my body started to relax and since then I have had no anxiety attacks.

His teachings are unique, innovative and refreshing in that there is no stress or pressure put on the mind or the body during the movement practices.

Thao, UK