Truth Telling Podcast Interview with Elizabeth DiAlto and Michaela

This interview on Truth Tell was such fun! Elizabeth DiAlto asked me such great questions and we covered a lot of ground…

Go here to listen or watch the full interview.

Below are the show notes. Enjoy!


From Elizabeth:

Today’s guest is Michaela Boehm who was on the podcast almost three years ago and A LOT has happened since the last time we spoke. She just published a book – The Wild Woman’s Way and she lost her entire home and property in a huge fire last year.

My favorite thing about this conversation was the major emphasis on the application that’s possible when someone is devoted to deep practice and cultivating the skills to be an integrated, resilient person, even if they’re sensitive.

We talked about that and how she was able to move through the grief, shock, and trauma of losing her home and property. We also talked about the difference between cultivation and devotion which I really appreciated because this is something that people often overlook in the self-help, spirituality and personal development worlds.

People want tools and practices but not everyone is willing to show up with the discipline required. To many the word “discipline” brings up a lot of resistance and in this chat we explored why it doesn’t have to.


What you’ll hear:

  • 5:07 How Michaela handled finding out her house was burning down
  • 17:31 The Wild Woman’s Way + understanding the power of trust and movement in your body
  • 32:25 A distinction between the wisdom of the body and the wisdom of the heart
  • 36:47 Devotional practices + the intersection of devotion and cultivation
  • 57:31 Navigating embodiment practices regardless of whether or not your able-bodied

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