The Relationship Discovery Toolkit

An Online Self-Guided Instant Access Course

Discover and Define Your Purpose and the “Why?” in your Relationship.

What are your most important desires and values in your chosen relationship?

How do you relate and connect to your partner?

What are your unique contributions in intimacy?


In this toolkit we have collected the most important questions and considerations to align you and your partner – current or future – for a thriving and sustainable relationship. Defining and communicating the purpose of a relationship allows both for a deepening of an existing partnership and clarity around starting a new connection.

Many issues between couples stem from a misalignment of values and a lack of definition around where the relationship purpose lies. By clarifying and defining each partner’s values and goals, an existing relationship can be refreshed, realigned and rekindled.

In this toolkit Michaela reveals a collection of questions refined over 25 years of working with couples and individuals on their ideal relationships. These questions are combined with guided embodiment practices to deepen the exploration and connect the whole being – body, heart and mind – for deep and sustainable intimacy.

Who is this toolkit for?
For yourself
To clarify and define your values, desires and expectations.
To use as a couple
These questions can serve as a tool for communication and as a means of deepening existing partnership by re-aligning both partners.
To use for therapeutic purposes
You can bring any areas of discovery or concern to your trusted counselor or coach, both as a couple or as an individual wanting to go deeper into any specific area.
To use if you're single, looking for a new relationship
Use these questions as a way to define your values and needs and clarify who would be a good partner for you.

In this online toolkit, you will receive instant access to:


  • In-depth Explorations and Inquiry
    Into the 10 most important areas of relationship, amongst them Relationship Structure, Intimacy, Defining your Contribution and Money.
  • Guided Embodiment Exercises
    to support and enhance the discovery process.
  • Guided Body & Heart Relaxation
    Learn how to bring body & heart to relationship.
  • Bringing the Body Online
    Create habits that support vitality and availability.
  • Bonus: Moving What You Are Feeling
    Sensitize to sensation, emotion and connection.
  • Bonus Content
    Additional material and resources for you to explore and enjoy.
  • Bonus Touch Exercise
    Learn how to connect with yourself and others
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About Michaela

Michaela Boehm teaches and counsels internationally as an expert in intimacy and relationships. Born and raised in Austria, Michaela combines her training in psychology and extensive clinical counseling experience with her in-depth training in the yogic arts. A gifted speaker and counselor, her unique body of work centers on the intersection of intimacy and embodiment. Known for her work with high-performing individuals, her ongoing private clients include Oscar-winning actors, multiple Grammy-winning musicians, producers, and business pioneers. Michaela is the Author of “The Wild Woman’s Way” and the founder of The Non-Linear Movement Method®, a powerful somatic release modality. Her work has recently been featured in Gwyneth Paltrow’s Netflix Show “Sex, Love & goop” and Will Smith’s bestselling memoir ‘Will’. She lives on an organic farm in California where she rescues and rehabilitates animals.

Deeply grateful

Michaela is a gifted teacher who is able to create a time and space for real and safe exploration of aspects of myself I want to bring more fully into my life. I am deeply grateful for the impact she has and the gift she imparts through her courses.


Highly recommended

Highly recommended for anybody looking to expand and grow their intimacy with themselves as well as those in their lives.


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