The Wild Woman’s Way® Online Course

A 6-module online course to explore the sacred practices of the Wild Woman.

Join an International Tribe of Women for the “The Wild Woman’s Way”!


This course is my invitation for you to re-wild yourself. To engage with the innate wisdom of your body. To peel back layers of coping and contractions, closure and old habits. To release heartache, grief and trauma. To come back to yourself, the wild, glorious, untamed part of who you are, that holds power and wisdom. To claim the pleasure that is your birthright.

This is an invitation for you to engage with yourself—with your living, feeling body as a portal to unlocking who you truly are.

The Wild Woman is a part of each of us. She is not the crazed and uncivilized creature she is sometimes made out to be, but the part of us that is deeply and inextricably connected to natural life.

She is connected to all things in nature, including her own body, whom she cares for and utilizes as an instrument of perception. She represents the part of each woman that comes from nature and is part of nature.

The Wild Woman is an archetype, and as such, can rise from the unconscious and come into play when the time is right. She is a portal to natural empowerment, through which we understand that we don’t have to “become someone else” to be loved, that who we are is utterly perfect, and that each of us is born with a natural genius that can be revealed and will bloom with the help of our body’s native intelligence.

Each of us has that native, embodied wisdom—a wild, untamed, undomesticated body-mind and heart that knows what is true for us. This looks and feels different for each woman, and no two are ever alike.

The Wild Woman is not a fixed idea or a template into which we need to fit ourselves, but rather a portal, an entry point into our vast and rich inner landscape.

In this 6-module online course as we explore the sacred practices of the Wild Woman.

Each module focuses on one aspect of the Wild Woman. You will immerse yourself in specifically themed embodied movement, sacred ritual and self-inquiry, integrating body, heart and mind to foster personal empowerment, deeper connection and understanding of who you are as a woman. Through these practices you will gain the ability to cognitively translate this bodily learning into engagement with a partner, your career and your chosen tribe.

What you will explore in this course:
Module 1: Coming Back to the Body
Rewilding and reclaiming
Module 2: Embodied Power
The Energetics of a Woman’s Body
Module 3: Let It Go
Identify and release stuck emotions
through the body
Module 4: Relaxing and Re-sensitizing
Activating our bodily genius
Module 5: Pleasure is our Birthright
Module 6: Expanding the Repertoire
The many facets of feminine expression

What you will find in each module:


  • Wild Woman’s Wisdom Lecture
    A lecture video in which I introduce the theme of the module, give background, education and inspiration as well as explain the wider applications of the practices for your everyday life.
  • A Guided Feminine Embodiment Exercise
    A recording of guided embodiment instructions as a means of awakening your body’s innate intelligence and resilience.
  • Sacred Ritual Instruction
    An embodied ritual to accompany and deepen each module's theme.
  • Questions for The Untamed Heart™
    A self-inquiry questionnaire to connect heart, mind and body.
  • Q&A Recordings with Michaela
    Listen in as Michaela answers questions and gives practical tools that support the course practices and integrate your learning.
  • Live Event Discount
    Receive special discounts for live events that we host for an entire year.
  • Lifetime Access
    Lifetime access to all of your lectures, embodiment instructions and rituals.
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About Michaela

Michaela Boehm teaches and counsels internationally as an expert in intimacy and relationships. Born and raised in Austria, Michaela combines her training in psychology and extensive clinical counseling experience with her in-depth training in the yogic arts. A gifted speaker and counselor, her unique body of work centers on the intersection of intimacy and embodiment. Known for her work with high-performing individuals, her ongoing private clients include Oscar-winning actors, multiple Grammy-winning musicians, producers, and business pioneers. Michaela is the Author of “The Wild Woman’s Way” and the founder of The Non-Linear Movement Method®, a powerful somatic release modality. Her work has recently been featured in Gwyneth Paltrow’s Netflix Show “Sex, Love & goop” and Will Smith’s bestselling memoir ‘Will’. She lives on an organic farm in California where she rescues and rehabilitates animals.

Artful in her instruction, sensitive with feeling

Michaela Is awesome! A great teacher of woman’s practice, taking us to new places in our bodies and hearts.  She is artful in her instruction, sensitive with feeling into her students and discerning and intelligent with her responses. She is a master of her time, passing along ancient teaching with heart and wisdom.


Michaela has so much knowledge

Michaela has so much knowledge as well as clear strong boundaries, I felt in awe of her wisdom. She differently offers up a mirror for other women to dive into themselves and explore and reflect their own unique gifts to the world.


Deep, subtle yet powerful work

Deep, subtle yet powerful work to help you explore a deeper connection to others and realize the power we have within us to generate juicy, luscious electric sexual chemistry. It doesn’t have to be created by an external trigger…this magic lies within each of us.

Jag, Australia

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