The Non-Linear Movement Method® Online

An Introduction to Practice

An introduction to
The Non-Linear Movement Method®
practice sessions online

The Non-Linear Movement Method® FAQ

This video is a Q&A with Michaela from a recent online Non-Linear Movement Method® class, using the ‘Moving What You Are Feeling’ technique.

0:00 – Creating a Non-Linear Movement Method® home practice
2:49 – Practicing with a knee injury
3:54 – Yawning dizziness, and nausea
4:51 – Working with pain
5:41 – When non-habitual movement is frustrating
6:51 – Should my music choices have emotional meaning?
7:46 – Crying and release
9:52 – What does it mean to ‘move as love’?
14:58 – Working with distraction and pain.
21:03 – How long should I practice?
21:34 – Moving as pain
22:40 – Self-soothing movements
25:33 – Practicing with intensity and nausea
29:39 – Head position in NLMM®
32:12 – Should I stay on my hands and knees?
35:02 – What if I start shaking?
39:07 – Boundaries and freedom from conditioning

The Non-Linear Movement Method®
Release Q&A

A Q&A with Michaela from a recent online Non-Linear Movement Method® class, using the ‘Release’ technique.

0:00 – Emotions and physical contraction
0:56 – What is non-habitual movement?
2:41 – Different NLMM modalities and online training options
7:17 – Body distortions and self-regulations
9:04 – Emotional release and muscle tension
10:07 – Yawning in NLMM®
10:57 – Bodily wisdom or habitual resistance?
12:58 – Stuck in the head when feeling the heart
14:00 – Antidotes to resistance
15:32 – Working with looping thoughts
16:22 – Mind speed vs body speed
17:12 – Working with stuck energy in the head
19:34 – Side effects of practice
22:38 – Different reasons to open the eyes
25:28 – Moving the music or moving my feeling?
27:44 – Working with strong emotion
27:44 – How Michaela worked with a strong pattern
35:10 – Nausea when practicing
37:37 – Combining NLMM® and meditation
41:35 – Different ways to release
44:50 – Michaela’s playlists
45:20 – Experimenting with subtlety

The Non-Linear Movement Method®
Vitality Q&A

A Q&A with Michaela from a recent online Non-Linear Movement Method® class focused on vitality & aliveness.

0:00 – Feeling energized after NLMM®
3:33 – Music for NLMM®
4:27 – Getting out of your head
7:09 – Adrenals and developmental trauma
10:19 – Practitioner Training
12:05 – Restarting a daily practice
19:09 – Nausea and after-session care
24:45 – Intense feelings after practice
27:01 – Accessing emotions

The Non-Linear Movement Method®
Love Q&A

A Q&A with Michaela from a recent online Non-Linear Movement Method® class focused on love.

0:00 – Why do I yearn for stillness?
9:04 – Am I draining my adrenals?
16:38 – NLMM in public places.
19:10 – Why do I feel cold after NLMM?
21:33 – Self-love and NLMM
23:30 – The importance of non-imposition.
28:20 – How to create a themed home practice?
32:32 – Stories about the effects of NLMM
36:21 – Music with lyrics?
39:28 – Resistance and coping with trauma.

Connecting for your practice session:

We use Zoom to connect for our online practice sessions. You will receive the link to the specific Zoom session you registered for via email after signing up.

  • Download or update Zoom prior to connecting for class, we recommend giving yourself at least 15 minutes to do this if you’re doing it right before class, we don’t want you to miss anything.

    Do you have technical questions about Zoom, here’s their support platform for help:

    You can also reach out to our team at and they can point you in the right direction.
  • Please arrive 5 minutes early so we can start promptly and to account for any possible connection troubleshooting.
  • Set up a quiet, private area for practice
  • Grab your yoga mat or something similar (a blanket will work)
  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in

More resources for The Non-Linear Movement Method®:

Playlists are available on SoundCloud and Spotify with ideas for songs to utilize during your practice at home.

Spotify: Search “Non Linear Movement” or go here directly – there are 6 great playlists available


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